Wedding Ring Trends and Designs


Wedding rings are pieces of jewelry that it is intended to be worn every day. For this, it is only reasonable that couples choose something that they would be comfortable wearing. Other than the symbolism of being together, the aesthetic value of wedding rings remains to be one of the factors that couples consider when they shop for these items.

Gone are the days when wedding rings are limited to gold bands. As we move to a more fashion conscious era, more metals are becoming options for wedding rings.

Rose Gold is one of the best options for the past few years. This romantic metal is a variety of gold but is best known for its rustic color. It has become a staple in the fashion industry and has become one of the top alternatives for silver and gold. The hue of this metal will also complement almost all skin tones. For some fashion-forward couples, they even mix this metal with other materials to create a two-tone effect.

For the groom’s ring, we have moved from the traditional gold, silver, and platinum to more exotic and unconventional materials like stone, wood and even bones. These materials are then polished well to create an unusual matter or textured effect. Manufacturers of wedding rings continue to explore other materials as consumers become adventurous with their choices.

Stackable bands remain to be in style despite the changing trends in the metals used in wedding rings. These bands are intended to be worn on top of another and usually worn together with the engagement ring. Some couples add another stack to the band to commemorate special occasions like their anniversary or the birth of their children.

Pave diamond rings also continue to be a favorite for couples who are able to afford the precious gem. Dull bands are given a different character as these tiny stones are set close together to cover either a portion of the surface of the band or as an accent to a specific area. Additionally, couples are now choosing other stones other than the perennial diamonds. Gems like black diamonds, onyx and rubies are among the top choices when it comes to accentuating these wedding rings.

Trends in wedding ring designs come and go and while some stay longer than others, couples continue to try other options as manufacturers continue to offer more options. Most engagement rings are also influenced by what’s fashionable, while others are created based on the preference of the couple.


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